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Feeds News (posted July 03, 2013) 

Feed Safety Leads the Way

GMP ISO22000         

Aside from promoting the best quality and safest flour products, PFMC extends its commitment in manufacturing the best quality animal feeds after being recognized as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified feed milling plant last August 28, 2012.

Since animals such as swine, poultry and fisheries are considered food by all people and having a vital role in the food chain, studies with regards on feed safety was established to know its benefit to farm owners as well as to third consumers while ensuring and preserving the quality of feeds being milled.

As we valued most our suppliers and with the unconditional support from the top management, PFMC have come up to bring the current management system on a higher step. Creating a new mark in feed milling industry, PFMC Feeds Manila was recommended as a FSMS (Food Safety Management System) Certified Feed Mill Plant last August 29, 2012 by an international certifying body SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance) Philippines and certificate was granted by SGS Geneva this year which spearheaded by the Total Quality Management Department together with the Food Safety Team.

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The new pride of PFMC: GMP/HACCP Certificate of Feed mill Division

     feedmill haccp         

True to the company’s mission, PFMC once again had proven its dedication to produce quality and safe products. This is by making an effort to upgrade the management system thru certifying the feed mill division as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) recognized manufacturing plant.

Since animal feed plays a vital part in the health and welfare of swine, poultry and fisheries, as well as the production of excellent livestock product like meat, we as consumer should be assured that feeds were processed with quality and safety.

is a set of guidelines developed to provide general principles on producing quality and wholesome products. While HACCP’s scientific and logic principles aim to manage possible hazards that may affect safety of the product. These standards are applied from sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, storing, loading, and delivering of finished feeds.

This additional milestone was awarded by internationally renowned certifying body SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance) last November 21, 2011 which was spearheaded by the Quality management department together with the Food Safety team.

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Dinagyang Festival 2012


  dinagyang 2012 dinagyang 2012 dinagyang 2012 dinagyang 2012    

Dancing to the beat of bombastic sounds , Team EXCEL FEEDS catch Dinagyang fever once again!

 Living up to its yearly commitment and social obligation, EXCEL FEEDS gracefully participated in the most celebrated Festival of the year, the DINAGYANG FESTIVAL, by sponsoring four dynamic tribes: Tribu Pan-ay (Ati-ati Champion), Tribu Lunok (1st Runner-up) , Tribu Ilonganon (2nd Runner-up) Tribu Paghidaet (3rd Runner-up).

 Hala Bira Iloilo! Viva Senior Sto. Niño! Viva Excel Feeds!

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Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival 2012


  ati-atihan 2012 ati-atihan 2012 ati-atihan 2012 ati-atihan 2012  
  ati-atihan 2012 ati-atihan 2012 ati-atihan 2012 ati-atihan 2012   

EXCEL FEEDS Team headed by Mr. Jonathan Sausi made their way as they smashed the streets of  Kalibo in the festive drumbeats of Ati-atihan rhythm in honor of Sto. Nino.  This year’s grandest festivity in the town was also graced by Excel Feeds business partners like Developers Foundation and personnel from Hog cockers Trading, Grand Saver, Will Agrivet Trading, Javil Store, St Gabriel Hospital and Tribal Winds.

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Tribu Pan-ay Shines at Aliwan Festival 2011


  Tribu Pan-ay Tribu Pan-ay tribu Pan-ay Tribu Pan-ay 

Excel Feeds and Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation, proud sponsors of Tribu Pan-ay were equally grateful and happy about the greatest achievement of Iloilo's best – Tribu Pan-ay, for winning the Aliwan Festival Champion for National  Festival Street Dancing held in Manila last April 15 – 16 2011. Pan - ay tribe was composed of energetic warriors, drummers and dancers from Iloilo Fort San Pedro National High School.

Viva Senior Sto. Niño!

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   Festival Festival Festival Festival


   Festival Festival Festival Festival


   Vet Mission Vet Mission Vet Mission 


   Festival Festival Festival 

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   Pig-aralan Pig-aralan         


  Pig-aralan Pig-aralan Pig-aralan Pig-aralan   


  Pig-aralan Pig-aralan Pig-aralan


  Pig-aralan Pig-aralan Pig-aralan


  Pig-aralan Pig-aralan Pig-aralan  


 Pig-aralan Pig-aralan Pig-aralan   

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Vet Mission


  Vet Mission Vet Mission Vet Mission Vet Mission 


Vet Mission Vet Mission Vet Mission Vet Mission

Part of our commitment to our valued customers, Excel Team Iloilo is ever active on conducting swine raising seminars to educate hog raisers on proper feeding and swine management, and vet mission to extend technical services among backyard raisers, offer free vitamins and dewormers.
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Excel Feeds joins Dinagyang 2011

  Dinagyang Dinagyang Dinagyang Dinagyang 
  Dinagyang Dinagyang Dinagyang Dinagyang

As our yearly commitment to Senior Sto. Niño, Excel Feeds once again walked with great pride together with our tribes to celebrate Dinagyang Festival and to show our active participation to this grandest event of the City.

 EXCEL FEEDS supported Tribu Pan –ay who won the Championship for Ati-ati contest this year, and Tribu Paghidaet, last year’s champion and the 1st runner up this year.

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Excel Feeds Rocks @ Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival!

Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival  Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival  Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival  Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival  Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival  Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival

EXCEL FEEDS walked an extra mile to take part and enjoy Kalibo’s best Ati-atihan Festival.  January 15, 2011, the weather was just right as the team started the day with a Caravan from Altavas area all the way to Kalibo proper. In the afternoon, Excel Team rocks the streets with excitement for it was their first time to participate in the street dancing.  It was indeed a great day of celebration for Senior Sto. Niño. Excel Feeds was grateful that the group of Developers Foundation, Mr. Edgar Sta. Maria and Mr. Fernando Flores, their valued customers in Aklan supported them in this endeavor to give honor and tribute to Senior Sto. Niño who have been so generous to everyone all through out the year.

 Viva Senior Sto. Niño!

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Excel Feeds Party with Valued Dealers

  Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 
  Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 
  Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 
  Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010 Feeds xmas party 2010

Closing the year with thanksgiving and appreciation, Excel Feeds throw a big party for its loyal partners in the feeds business.

December 21, 2010, Excel Feeds family together with their loyal and ever supportive customers gathered at Amigo Terrace Hotel for a grand Christmas celebration.  A bombastic performance from Tribu Paghidaet started the program.  Prof. James Narvaez , the Master magician surprised the crowed with his magical tricks.  Outstanding dealers were recognized for their excellent sales performance for the year. More than 100 items were given away in the raffle draw for all the customers who came along to party.

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PFMC-Trade Feeds National Sales Meeting

Nationa Sales Meeting 2010 National Sales Meeting 2010 National Sales Meeting 2010 National Sales Meeting 2010

For the first time, The Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation Trade Feeds Team gathered in Iloilo City for a sales and planning conference.  Teams from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao strengthen camaraderie and friendship as they indulge in Iloilo’s best seafoods galore and nightlife.

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ASA-IM & Excel Feeds - Swine Nutrition & Management Seminar

American Soya Assn American Soya Assn American Soya Assn American Soya Assn

American Soya Association International Marketing in Cooperation with Excel Feeds conducts a seminar on Swine Nutrition and Management among Farm customers of Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation.  Resourced speakers were the Technical Consultants of ASA-IM on swine, Dr. Chris Cheong, and Dr. Basilisa Reas.  Major topics be covered include:

- the use of US De-hulled Soybean Meal in swine rations; 

- the benefits of Full-fat Soybean meal-Cassava rations; and 

-  highlighting good swine farm management practices that Dr. Cheong has seen in his travels around the region.

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Excel Feeds joins 2008 Dinagyang Festival

th_dinagyangDancing with the drum beats of Ati-ati warriors, EXCEL FEEDS salesteam rushed to the crowded streets of the city to enjoy the spirit of Dinagyang Festival, in honor of Sto. Nino. Active as ever, EXCEL FEEDS graciously took part in the celebration, living up to its spiritual and social obligations in the society.

EXCEL FEEDS is the major sponsor of Tribu Ilongganon, one of the best contenders in Atii-ati competition. It is in fact, supporting the tribe for four consecutive years. This tribe won the championship from 2006 and 2007, and this year, garnered the 1st runner up spot.

Dinagyang festival depicts the unique ingenuity and rich culture of the Ilonggos. This most celebrated activity has gained nationwide recognition, thus enchanting hundreds and thousands of local spectators and foreign as well, year after year.

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Excel Feeds Sales Team in Boracay

Sales Team in BoracayStarting the year right, EXCEL FEEDS sales team finds a perfect rendezvous at Boracay .

It has been a tradition of the company every January to gather its employees for an annual meeting every year, but each year is definitely a different experience for the group because of the fun, the bonding and the story each and everyone shared.

Business, sales program and plans of action for the year are the main topics of the formal meeting but after this serious side of the story, comes the fun and excitement.

Boracay, being a perfect getaway from a stressful working life, serves as the best venue for the team to unwind. Its refreshing ambiance revives the salemen’s positive spirit, and thus, getting them ready and set for the start of the year.

Swimming, bar hopping, dancing and beer drinking complete the simple pleasures of the group. Plus the story telling, confessions and foolish games that seal up the bonding moments of the employees.

EXCEL FEEDS provides a balanced working environment to its employees whom they consider one of their strengths in the business.

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Excel Feeds receives Philippine Marketing Excellence Award


Excel Feeds was awarded the prestigious 2005 Philippine Marketing Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Feed Brand (Bacolod Awards). The Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards Institute, the Asian Institute of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and the Sales and Marketing Magazine jointly recognized Excel Feeds with the 2005 Philippine Marketing Excellence Award for creating a strong company image and earning high-level customer confidence using the best marketing practices to dominate the market and reach potential customers across the country.

The award was given on the basis of the results of various surveys, focus group discussions and market researches jointly conducted by consumers and marketing professionals for the sole purpose of selecting the Best Marketing companies/brands.

The survey used the following marketing metrics: market dominance, market awareness, innovative marketing practices, publicity generated in the mass media, customer service orientation, product/service quality, value pricing, likeability and goodwill, truthfulness in advertising, customer confidence, other awards received and overall market acceptability.

Excel Feeds was also awarded the National Product Quality Excellence Award for Best Hog Feeds in 2005.

market excellence   market excellence  Product Quality 
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