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The PFMC Feedmill

WarehouseThe feed mill of Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation (PFMC) officially opened in 1994. At that time, it was the most modern feed plant in Western Visayas, and is situated within the 3-hectare PFMC complex at Lapuz, in the district of Lapaz, Iloilo City.

PFMC first launched the now best-selling EXCEL brand of feed to cater to the high quality standards of hog, poultry and fish raisers in the island of Panay. Almost immediately, the excellent quality and performance of EXCEL was acknowleged by many, and soon the superiority of EXCEL among feed brands in Panay was established.

Soon thereafter, PFMC introduced two more feed brands to address the changing needs of the feed market and to penetrate other areas of Western Visayas. Aside from EXCEL, the premium feed for the most genetically superior animals and most discriminating customers, now there is also AMIGO, the regular quality feed acceptable to the usual animal raiser looking for a smart buy. The third brand of PFMC called LECHON, is designed for customers looking for the most affordable feed suitable for most types of backyard-raised livestock and poultry. With a complete line of feed brands to meet the needs of all sectors of the feed market, PFMC is now acknowledged as the leading feed company in Western Visayas.

Recently, PFMC opened another feed mill in Manila. Located inside the Manila Harbour Center complex in Tondo, this state-of-the-art feed plant has become a valuable complement to establishing a nationwide distribution network for EXCEL feeds. With at least 7 sales offices nationwide: Iloilo, Bacolod, Roxas, Kalibo, Davao, Dumaguete and Manila, PFMC can now reach out to more hog, poultry and fish farmers looking for a high performance feed that can maximize their profits.

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Quality Products & Sevice: Our commitment… Our strength!

Iloilo PlantToday, PFMC is headed towards joining the ranks of the top feed companies in the country. The success of PFMC lies on its commitment to using only the best quality raw materials available in the world, while incorporating the best technology in feed manufacturing. This dedication to quality has resulted to only the most nutritionally balanced and most cost-effective feed product money can buy.

Steadfast in providing only the best kind of service and technical assistance to its customers, PFMC, with its partner distributors nationwide, is present in most regions of the country giving animal-raising seminars, feed technology updates, and veterinary assistance to its customers. As a testament to this commitment to service, PFMC continues to provide the very sought-after EXCEL Swine Raising Manual, free-of-charge in all its seminars.

Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation stands for excellence in quality and service. EXCEL stands for excellent feeds… maximum profit!

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