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First Flourmill Established In Western Visayas

Click on pic for larger imageWhen Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation was established in 1989, it was the first flour mill plant in Western Visayas. We remain the only one to date. Since its establishment, we have maintained and provided high quality products coupled with good service.

Our Manila Plant

In the year 2000, we expanded to Luzon with one of the most modern flourmills in the country. Today, we are one of the biggest producers with a distribution network covering the entire country. We also export flour to the Asian region.

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We are grateful that our products are well accepted throughout the country. With two modern plants; one serving the Visayas and Mindanao, the other serving Luzon area; with both FLOURMILL and FEEDMILL, Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation with its full technical support provides the nation with the finest quality products at the most reasonable price.

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pollardPollard, the flour by-product is the one of the base ingredients of PFMC Feeds. The positive acceptance of PFMC’s products in the market, triggered the increase of flour production. In the process, Pollard increased as well. By then, the management saw its warehouse piling up with this good feed ingredient. That gave them another concept for business potential. From there, the PFMC Feedmill was born. Utilizing the Pollard in the warehouse, the management gave birth to its Feedmill Plant in 1994. Pollard or wheat bran is the base-ingredient of our feeds. Other quality macro ingredients: Corn, Soya, Wheat Germ, Copra Meal, Fish Meal, Wheat and Flour.

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Product Quality Our Topmost Priority

Research and DevelopmentOur products are fortified with Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids. All are processed through state-of-the-art equipment and pass through analysis and lab test for quality and safety check.

We innovate. Our Research and Development Department work with our manufacturing team to deliver the product profile you require.

We have the capacity to meet your demands. Our plants in Iloilo and Manila are the most modern and are manned by well trained staff. We use the latest equipment and facilities. Backed by a well organized production system, we guarantee our clients only the finest quality products. We provide the best quality service ... because you, our customer, deserve only the best.

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